Okay Play

OkayPlay is an online marketplace that specializes in selling premium voice recordings from talented voice artists.



The client

OkayPlay is an innovative online platform dedicated to connecting businesses and individuals with premium voice recordings created by talented voice artists. Our mission is to provide a diverse range of high-quality vocal content, serving various purposes from advertising to entertainment. We offer a convenient and accessible marketplace for both voice artists to showcase their skills and clients to discover the perfect voice for their projects. At OkayPlay, we’re passionate about the power of voice and strive to be the go-to destination for voice-related needs.

The goal

The goal in establishing OkayPlay was to create a marketplace that seamlessly connects voice artists with clients seeking premium voice recordings. We aimed to offer a wide array of vocal content for diverse applications, from marketing to entertainment, in a user-friendly and accessible environment. Our vision is to empower both voice artists and clients by providing a platform that fosters collaboration, creativity, and efficiency. OkayPlay aspires to be the ultimate destination for all things related to exceptional voice recordings.



The result of creating OkayPlay is a thriving online marketplace that successfully fulfills its mission. We’ve connected numerous talented voice artists with clients seeking premium voice recordings for a wide range of purposes. Our platform has become a trusted and accessible resource for the voice industry, fostering collaboration and efficiency. OkayPlay has achieved its goal of being a go-to destination for high-quality vocal content, empowering both artists and clients in the process.